Sunday, February 22, 2009

Now this may be the scariest feeling I’ve ever experienced…

I actually wrote this post a month ago, but since things changed suddenly is was impertanant. Well A LOT has changed in the past month and when I went back to read this it seemed relevant to mi current situation...and go figure with the same boy.

I’ve felt vulnerable before, but this…this is almost to an extreme. To the point that I often find miself question if I’m actually going to go through with it. But it needs to be done, it is absolutely vital that he knows…even if it means rejection. Being rejected, why do we fear that?? It’s just a simple little word, no, actually smaller that the opposite, yes…so why is it so scary to just lay your feelings out for the one you care about to see?? Although I hope that he accepts what I have to say, all rejection will lead to is the same…everything will remain the same. We will still stay the good friends that we are and have been for many years now. That is the one thing that he promised me…that we could always be honest with each other, which certainly apples to the current situation. And with a trusting friendship like that…why not try for something more??

I got the chance to talk to Chelsea...girl you have been a lifesaver…the cherry kind yumm!! =D She helped me realize that nothing is going to happen unless I take action. Otherwise I might miss out on mi chance for what could be the best thing that has and will happen to be and that I would regret forever if I didn’t confess mi feelings. && that is the best advice I have gotten so far…plus we are kinda in the same situation…falling in love with our best friends and everything. Although I may not, I certainly hope that I end up as happy as she is now!! Most of mi other friends that have advised me on this topic said “let him know how you feel and if he feels the same way then great! But if he doesn’t then don’t waste your time waiting on him to come around.”

The sad part about that is…I could wait for that boy forever.