Sunday, October 26, 2008

If I could wish anything away, it would be this...

So, I knew today would be a really tough day, but I never knew that I could ever feel this empty, this....defenseless. I finally accepted the fact that maybe two worlds cannot converge and diverge without causing disaccord which has now led to a broken heart; a broken soul. Since the break-up I told miself that I would be strong, that I would not show weakness, that I would not cry...I refused to diminish mi character in this way. For six months I did not shed a single tear, not one, because I made a promise to miself that I would not be one of those girls that could not live without...him. That I would be fine without him, which I am, I would not let mi life revolve around some...guy. It must have just been the date, just a silly number that caused me to finally break down, to show weakness. Maybe this was a result of bottling up half a years worth of change, to simply pick up the bits and pieces of mi heart and rinse them under the coolness of mi own tears. I do not regret the decision that I made nor do the tears have meaning, which leads me to the question:

if I have given romance a shot and it did not work out for me, then what's next...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Where to begin...

It is said that first impressions will always determine how you picture a person, I say people change, they always do; first impressions are never set in stone. Pause, before I get into actually blogging I want to thank Chelsea because I was messing around on facebook and found a link on her page that led me to her blog. I have been wanting for so long to put some of the thoughts I have on paper, or well the keyboard if you want to get literal, but I have never considered blogging. When I saw her blog and the way she could express herself, I thought 'maybe she is on to something here...'

Well first off a little about myself:
My name is Heather Michelle Coley. I am a JR at PHS. When I first meet people I am extremely shy, but once I get to know someone I become extremely outgoing. I have been through a lot in the measly seventeen years I've been on this earth, but I mean heyy who hasn't? I have gained friends and lost friends, had love and pushed love away, witnessed birth of new life and watched life slowly slip away, enjoyed happy moments and cried my share of tears. I've learned to build my life on today, because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight. I'm not yet sure what life's meaning is, I may never know but I do know that I will spend mine trying to figure it out. Although it may help to define exactly what I want out of my life, which is still a mystery. Once upon a time, I believed in fairy tales and that mushy gushy love stuff that can be only read in books, then I was introduced to the real world. But do not get me wrong love is a great thing...if it is with the right person, whom I am patiently waiting on.

Well that is enough for tonight,