Monday, August 29, 2011

To Those People I Thought I Knew

Yes, I've been thrown completely off guard before, but nothing at all like this. I never would have imagined things getting this much out of hand. But as long as we're being honest...I don't plan on fighting the universe on this one. People change, grow up (or for some just physically grow up apparently), and in the worst cases they start to part ways. In the past few months I've learned the difference between someone who is truly important in my life and someone that would stab me in the back and think that I wouldn't even notice. I don't plan on fighting, starting any drama, or trying to fix something that is so far-gone. Despite those I'll be forced to say goodbye to because of this, I will not let them ruin all of the happiness I have in my life currently. I have family and friends that I can lean on, a guy that makes me laugh, pups that I love with all of my heart every single second of the day, and all of the joy I could ever want at this point in my life.

All I hope for you is that you can always find a reason to smile no matter where life takes you from here.

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