Saturday, January 22, 2011

To Kick The Bucket

Okay, so just to let yall know there may be a few posts throughout this semester that may be a little random and different from what I normally post. Don't worry its for school...I'm not actually thinking about kicking the bucket or anything :)

My Bucket List

1) Take a spontaneous road trip
2) Run a marathon
3) Learn to Skateboard
4) Become fluent in Spanish
5) Travel to Venice, Italy
6) Cliff dive into the ocean
7) Finish writing a song
8) Get a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry
9) Design a new drug that will cure MS
10) Take up yoga
11) Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square
12) See Halley's Comet
13) Go to a Red Sox Game
14) Go to a Steelers Game
15) Go scuba diving
16) Learn to surf
17) Go backpacking through Europe
18) Get a tattoo
19) Get a summer internship in my field of study
20) Skydive
21) Visit Ireland
22) Be a WGI Finalist
23) Medal at WGI Championships
24) Go to Las Vegas
25) Own an iPhone
26) Get lost somewhere...anywhere
27) Waste a summer at the beach
28) Mend the bridges I've destroyed
29) Give more and expect less
30) Find my best friend to love and spend forever with

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