Thursday, December 18, 2008

Full of Questions

Once you have convinced yourself that something will never happen, what do you do when that something comes back around? After years of thinking it was just a dream and nothing more, it's hard to believe that what I have been longing for may actually become a soon reality.

But is it all worth it?? To go through the same thing I did three years ago? But of course this time will be different, because life never plays out the some way twice....right?? But this is what I wanted, what I have always wanted. Any other girl would be ecstatic, but I guess you could say I'm no mundane girl. I mean, I know I should be happy.

It's just the fact that a wall that has been in the frantic building process for three years is a tad bit difficult to tear down in the span of a few weeks. I honestly can not make up mi mind between building the wall faster than ever before or letting miself fall for what he promised me once upon a time....

1 comment:

Chelsea Laine said...

this sounds like the thoughts that have gone through my head so many times, that i could never figure out how to say hahah. i love you girl.