Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Learn From You

You've taught me and showed me many things.
You've taught me I can love, that people can care about me. You showed me the feeling of being in someone’s arms when they mean the world to you. The feeling of compassion. So many wonderful things. Thank you for that. You've also showed me that people break promises, that people don't always hold true to their word. You've taught me that you can love someone more than anything in the world, yet hate them just as much. That just because someone says something, that doesn't mean it's true. You've showed me how bad it hurts to have the guy you love and thought loved you push you away and treat you as if you are worthless. You've showed me wonderful things just as well as horrible things. I do thank you for both. You've now prepared me for the harsh world I am entering. People who say they care, but don't always.
Thank you for teaching me early.

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